Altera says you can double the life of NAND flash storage by implementing an FPGA-based solid-state disk (SSD) controller running NAND optimisation software.

It has developed a storage reference design based on its Arria 10 SoC, which integrates a SSD controller from Mobiveil and NAND optimisation software from NVMdurance.FPGA flash storage good for the cloud, says Altera

“An FPGA-based storage system provides hardware offload functions and makes specification updates easier to execute than flash storage designed with an Asic SoC,” said Ravi Thummarukudy, CEO, Mobiveil.

Mobiveil’s controller supports multi-core architectures, enabling threads to run on each core with their own queue and interrupt without any locks required.

NVMdurance’s NAND flash optimisation software constantly monitors the condition of the NAND flash and automatically adjusts the control parameters in real time, greatly extending the flash system’s endurance.

The reference design also features end-to-end data protection, encryption and compression.

It claims this will make FPGA flash storage cost-effective t0 be deployed in cloud storage systems.

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