Internet of things


Interconnection of Sensors with low power RF technologies has enabled things to be remotely monitored and analysed to provide predictable data. These advance predictions helps industries to manage and improve the efficiency.

The connected sensors had brought a paradigm shift in the way sensors are viewed. SmartCities became a reality with things becoming intelligent and networked to provide a complete data about the City for an user in his palm.

Mobiveil had been investing its technology towards IOT for last 4+ year working on various wireless technologies like LoRa, NB-IOT, ZigBee, WiFi, LTE etc

Apart from Sensor based products for Lighting control, Environmental monitoring, Mobiveil also had worked on providing camera base city surveillance solutions.

Key Takeaways of Solution Development

Key Market Solutions








Sub Domains

Environmental Monitoring

Mobiveil’s Solar Powered EM sensor reference platform is an environmental monitoring system to measure outdoor air quality and to provide real-time localized air quality index. It’s a robust Solar powered platform, with Long range communication interface (LoRA), cloud-based data processing, location based view, metrics of adjacencies, history of statistics, secure online access and options to integrate with variety of host and applications.

The various environmental factors that can be observed are Temperature, sway angle, ambient light intensity, particulate matter densities, compound mixture of gases. The device has the ability to store solar power and use it later and power consumption is also monitored for analysis to be done for further development.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting solution allows us to control the brightness levels of street lights individually, street lights collectively based on region through realtime position. The light control can be done

  • Manually through a GUI
  • Scheduled based on time of the day and time zone of the device
  • Automatic based on ambient light intensity.

The switching between various modes and changing the pre-programmed values for each device/region can be done through the cloud via a web based GUI or an android application.

This device also has smart power management. It also comes with sway angle measurement for device safety and also supports environmental monitoring.

Digital Surveillance System (DSS)

DSS is a pack of solutions which combine Smart surveillance with intelligent transport management. This can use either Ethernet or Wifi or LTE for connectivity .The complete video based outputs of a node is obtained in a web based GUI application.

This solution is designed to stream live through Gstreamer RTSP server .This also supports the streaming of videos based on the demanded time slots. Other than this, video analysis is also carried out which ends up with over lays. This solution is able to process the video input to analyse the number of vehicles present in each frame and also provide the speed estimation of the vehicle based on the set of consecutive frames. This will enable real time penalizing of the vehicles. Various other usecases are also supported based on the datasets.