Our hardware engineering team has rich experience in Product development for various domains including Storage, Data center, Networking, IOT and Automotive applications.

We strive not just to meet the design requirements but we go an extra mile to achieve Product reliability enhancement, cost optimization, Power and performance optimization


Hardware Board Design

Our High-speed design expertise (PCIe Gen5, DDR4, 100gig Ethernet) and System design expertise is the core of our Hardware board design capabilities. The tested and Proven Design process of Mobiveil ensures Production quality hardware in lesser iterations.

PCB Design

Mobiveil’s PCB Layout design team has broader expertise in designing PCBs for High speed digital, Analog, Power supply, RF applications from 2 layer till 28 layers. Our customers benefit from our expertise in PCB material selection, Layer stack up, new technology adoption and Design-cost trade-offs. Mobiveil ensures stringent Layout practices to meet DFM/DFT, mechanical and production requirements at the very beginning.

Signal Integrity/Power Integrity

Our customers leverage the expertise of our dedicated team of SI/PI engineers who ensure that the next generation platforms are electrically and electromagnetically capable of operating at higher speeds for which they are designed for. We engage with our clients at the early phases of the design to assess the high-speed design risk and assist them to make a right decision. Alternatively, we also help some our new customers to fix SI/PI problems in the existing platforms. Our prudent approach of selecting appropriate tools/solvers and methodology helps to achieve accurate results in a lesser time .

Mechanical Engineering

With in-house mechanical engineering team, Mobiveil offers complete mechanical product design solutions including Industrial design Concept, industrial design, mechanical design, Prototyping and mechanical validation.

  • Mechanical/Thermal design consultancy for Heat sinks, casing and enclosure design
  • Complete Eco system to build Rapid prototypes and Low volume production in cost-effective and faster turnaround. Materials: ABS, sheet metal etc
  • Expertise in modelling PCB and system related components accurately

Component Engineering

Mobiveil provides a wide array of component engineering services across various industries such as Automotive, Defense, Industrial, Telecom and Medical applications. Mobiveil’s prominent component engineering team ensures deliver of quality products to our customers to stay ahead of their competition.

  • Support for quick productization of POC
  • Customers leverage our strong vendor relationship
  • Stringent qualification criteria for component selection
  • Failure analysis and database maintenance
  • Dedicated Library management team to maintain component information

Design verification

Customers benefit from the Mobiveil’s design verification process that ensures production quality hardware with lesser iterations.

  • Schematic verification services
  • PCB layout verification services
  • Product system level verification w.r.t the requirement.
  • MTBF and FEMA analysis.
Schematics Verification Services

Our customers realize the value of verification in the product development phase to ensure that the product iterations are lesser. Mobiveil has an automated methodology to verify the schematics/netlist based on Pre-defined Design rule checks.

PCB Layout Verification services

PCB Layout verification is an automated process to verify the Electrical and Physical aspects of PCB Layout. This is a process to identify potential design issues and the design violations that lead to potential SI/PI, EMI/EMC issues at the early phases of the product development. Automated tool flow integrates fast and Comprehensive rule checks to identify traces crossing splits, reference plane changes, decoupling capacitor placement, shielding issues, and via checks