RapidIO AXI Product


Mobiveil’s Bridge and Switch IP solutions are very popular with customers connecting PCIe or SRIO IP’s to AMBA/AXI Bridge with in their SoCs. A full PCI Express Switch is also available for customer implementation targeting unique PCI solutions requiring PCIe transparent switching functionality.
  • Configurable SPI modes: • Standard SPI mode • Dual SPI mode • Quad SPI mode
  • Standard/Dual/Quad SPI mode supports: • Single Master mode only • MSB first only
  • Supports programmable SPI clocking modes
  • Programmable interrupt on SPI-done
  • SPI Slave devices can be independently selected
  • Programmable Power-down mode for Master statemachine
  • Programmable SCLK frequency derived from system clock
  • Configurable Data FIFO depth
RapidlO AXI block diagram
Differentiated Features
• Programmable request/response schemes like Transmit only, Receive only, Command-address-data, Address-data • Supports upto 32 bits of fullduplex transfer in standard mode • Independently programmable frame sizes for command, address and data • Programmable idle time between command, address and data • Register controlled slave_select assertion/deassertion during idle time • State machine status register for debugging • Supports upto 16 Slaves
Design Attributes
• Highly modular and programmable design • Fully synchronous design • Software control for key features
Product Package
• RTL Code • System Verilog/UVM based Testbench • Test cases • Protocol checkers and bus watchers
• User Guide
Licensing Options
• Single Design or Multi-project license (HDL Source Code/FPGA Netlist)

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