Interface IP

RapidIO Controller with V4.0 Support
  • Production proven
  • Highly Configurable
  • Messaging and Data Streaming functions

Mobiveil’s RapidIO Verification IP (VIP) provides highly capable compliance verification solution for the RapidIO protocol. The RapidIO VIP is system Verilog (SV) based and supports standard Universal Verification Methodology (UVM). It can be easily combined with any other UVM compliant verification components to extend a broader verification environment. The RapidIO VIP uses a layered architecture which is divided in to a Logical, Transport and Physical layers. RapidIO monitors handle protocol checking and fully comply with RapidIO specification. It provides hooks for implementing functional coverage, scoreboard and end to end checker. RapidIO VIP provides extensive compliance test suite which verifies all possible protocol scenarios. It simplifies the verification flow and reduces the verification effort. It can be used to verify designs at IP, SoC or system level setup. Stimulus generation is fully automated and gives large flexibility for user to generate directed and random test scenarios. User can constrain the randomization at different levels and functional coverage helps gauging the effectiveness of the randomization.

RapidIO-AXI Bridge
Mobiveil RapidIO-AXI Bridge (RIO-AXI Bridge) is a highly flexible and configurable IP with a RIO interface on one side and an AXI interface on the system side. The Bridge has been architected to interface with a RapidIO controller used as a Host or device. The RIO-AXI BRIDGE uses high speed multi-channel DMA and Message controllers to match the bandwidth requirements of the RIO solution.