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“Supplying IP to the new Cloud/IoT Centric world”

What:  The presentation “Supplying IP to the new Cloud/IoT Centric world,” was recorded in the ARM Connected Community Pavilion Booth 2414 at 2:15PM on Wednesday June 10th during the Design Automation Conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

Who:  Mobiveil CEO Ravi Thummarukudy.

Why:  The Mobiveil presentation details two ARM based platforms. The first is a heterogeneous high performance compute architecture containing DSPs and ARM CPUs connected via a 10G RapidIO fabric. The presentation describes the benefit of RapidIO compared to other connectivity solutions such as PCI Express and Ethernet. The second platform demonstrates how the arrival of high-speed flash is enabling the first major advance in the data center storage architecture since the invention of the hard drive, an order of magnitude improvement in data access over rotating memory storage.

When: Presentation is currently available on-demand. Click here to view.

About Mobiveil

Mobiveil is a fast‐growing technology company that specializes in development of Silicon Intellectual Properties, platforms and solutions for the networking, storage and enterprise markets. Mobiveil team leverages decades of experience in delivering high‐quality, production‐proven, and high-speed serial interconnect Silicon IP cores and custom and standard form factor hardware boards to leading customers worldwide. With a highly motivated engineering team, dedicated integration support, flexible business models, strong industry presence through strategic alliances and key partnerships, Mobiveil solutions have added tremendous value to the customers in executing their product goals within budget and on time. Mobiveil is headquartered in the Silicon Valley with engineering development centers located in Milpitas, CA, Chennai and Bangalore, India, and sales offices and representatives located in US, Europe, Israel, Japan, Taiwan and People Republic of China. For more information, please visit

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