Mobiveil’s PCI Express 4.0 Endpoint Controller Passes PCI-SIG Gold and Interoperability Testing

MILPITAS, Calif., Dec. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mobiveil, Inc., a fast-growing supplier of silicon intellectual property (SIP), platforms and IP-enabled design services, announced that its GPEX™ PCI Express® (PCIe®) 4.0 Endpoint Controller passed PCI-SIG® Gold and Interoperability testing.

Highly Configurable PCI Express Controller IP Certification Reduces Design Risk, Enables Interoperability with Other PCI Express Products.

To achieve compliance, the Mobiveil GPEX IP passed protocol, electrical and interoperability testing for the PCIe 4.0 specification that reaches 16 gigatransfers per second (GT/s). Its highly flexible and configurable IP design targets endpoint or root complex type devices, as well as switches and bridge implementations. The controller IP architecture is tailored to optimize link utilization, latency, reliability, power consumption and reduce the silicon footprint.
“Companies such as Mobiveil that participate in PCI-SIG compliance testing help to ensure the continued adoption of the PCIe architecture for a number of applications,” remarks Al Yanes, PCI-SIG chairman and president. “Member companies that offer compliant PCIe technology solutions deliver improved I/O performance and interoperability for the next generation of designs across several verticals.”

“We are committed to provide the leading design IP solutions for the PCIe 4.0 specification,” says Ravi Thummarukudy, CEO of Mobiveil, Inc. “Our solution is verified for functionality, compliance and interoperability against industry-leading PCI Express solutions, so our users minimize design risk and reduce time-to-market for high-performance PCI Express-based products.”

The PCI Express 4.0 architecture enables a number of high-speed applications as end point, root complex, bridges, switches and retimers, adds Thummarukudy. The emergence of NVM Express™ as a Flash Storage industry standard further utilizes the PCI Express 4.0 architecture and performance for faster storage. “With this in mind, we tightly integrated our GPEX with UNEX™, our industry-leading NVM Express™ IP, for next-generation storage applications.”

Mobiveil’s controller has a simple, configurable and layered architecture independent of application logic, PHYs, implementation tools and, most important, the target technology itself. It allows the user to migrate between standard cell technologies and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The controller’s flexible backend interface can be integrated into wide range of applications.

The IP team at Mobiveil has more than 15 years of experience of IP development starting with early versions of PCI Express, Serial RapidIO and Ethernet technologies. Since then, Mobiveil developed and productized every generation of these technologies through the latest specifications. The interface IP designed by Mobiveil is integrated in hundreds of System-on-Chip (SoC) designs and shipped in millions of devices.


Mobiveil’s GPEX PCIe 4.0 Controller IP for endpoint, root-complex and switch configurations is available now. Its design can be implemented in a number of process technologies.

Pricing is available on request.

More information on Mobiveil’s GPEX IP is found at the Mobiveil website or email at

About Mobiveil, Inc.

Mobiveil is a fast‐growing technology company that specializes in development of Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP), platforms and solutions for networking, storage and enterprise markets. The Mobiveil team leverages decades of experience to deliver high‐quality, production‐proven, high-speed serial interconnect SIP cores, and custom and standard form factor hardware boards to leading companies worldwide. With a highly motivated engineering team, dedicated integration support, a flexible business model, strong industry presence through strategic alliances and key partnerships, Mobiveil solutions add value to users by matching their product goals on time and within budget. Mobiveil is headquartered in Silicon Valley with engineering development centers located in Milpitas, Calif., Chennai and Bangalore, India, and sales offices and representatives located in the U.S., Europe, Israel, Japan, Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China.

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