Mobiveil to Target Its Universal NOR Flash Controller (U-NFC)™ to Support Adesto Technologies New eXecute-in-Place Non-volatile Memory (NVM) EcoXiP™ Chip

Mobiveil’s Universal NOR Flash Controller Allows SoC Designers to Leverage Adesto’s EcoXiP Flash Memory to More than Double CPU Performance over Existing Options

MILPITAS, CA—Nov. xx, 2016—Mobiveil, Inc., a fast growing supplier of silicon intellectual property (SIP), platforms and IP-enabled design services, today announced it is working with Adesto Technologies (NASDAQ: IOTS), a leading provider of application-specific, ultra-low power non-volatile memory products to bring new, high-performance capabilities to customers designing eXecute-in-Place memory solutions. Mobiveil will adapt its Universal NOR Flash Controller (U-NFC) to leverage the unique characteristics of Adesto’s new EcoXiP flash memory. Incorporating Mobiveil’s U-NFC controller to control the new Adesto EcoXiP flash will provide SoC designers an eXecute-in-Place solution that more than doubles the performance of alternative approaches using standalone NOR-Flash memory.

“The U-NFC supports XiP through an Octal Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), thus enabling speeds of up to 266 Mbytes/s for a 12-pin SPI option,” said Mobiveil CEO Ravi Thummarukudy. “Instead of having to add flash on-chip to hold program data or to have external flash or EPROM loading to on-board SRAM for program storage, adding the U-NFC, the designer can execute directly from the large capacity off-chip EcoXiP Flash.
In addition to enabling XiP, the U-NFC controller provides support for auto boot, read-while-write, wrap transfer, continuous burst transfer, and memory-mapped access to the connected Flash device. Multi-master support with priority and continuous wrap burst transfer support are optional.”

“EcoXiP is designed from the ground-up to be the ultimate solution for serving as the main program memory in an intelligent IoT system,” said Narbeh Derhacobian, chief executive officer of Adesto Technologies. “It greatly exceeds competitive solutions in performance. EcoXiP provides 2.4X CPU performance compared to existing quad devices and 1.4X CPU performance compared to best-in-class octal devices. This solution eliminates the process node restriction that on-chip flash puts on a design. It also saves the cost of adding on-chip SRAM, and saves power since a XiP flash device can be turned off when the system is in a standby state.”

About Adesto Technologies
Adesto Technologies (NASDAQ:IOTS) is a leading provider of application-specific, ultra-low power non-volatile memory products. The company has designed and built a portfolio of innovative products with intelligent features to conserve energy and enhance performance including Fusion Serial Flash, DataFlash® and products based on Conductive Bridging RAM (CBRAM®) technology. CBRAM® is a breakthrough technology platform that enables 100 times less energy consumption than today’s memory technologies without sacrificing speed and performance. Adesto is focused on delivering differentiated solutions and helping its customers usher in the era of the Internet of Things. See:

About Mobiveil, Inc.
Mobiveil is a fast‐growing technology company that specializes in development of Silicon Intellectual Properties, platforms, and solutions for the networking, storage and enterprise markets. Mobiveil team leverages decades of experience in delivering high‐quality, production‐proven, high-speed serial interconnect Silicon IP cores and custom and standard form factor hardware boards to leading customers worldwide. With a highly motivated engineering team, dedicated integration support, flexible business models, strong industry presence through strategic alliances and key partnerships, Mobiveil solutions have added tremendous value to the customers in executing their product goals within budget and on time. Mobiveil is headquartered in the Silicon Valley with engineering development centers located in Milpitas, CA, Chennai and Bangalore, India, and sales offices and representatives located in US, Europe, Israel, Japan, Taiwan and Peoples Republic of China. For more information, please visit

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