Mobiveil Announces the Availability of All Key IP Components and Subsystem for an Integrated NVM Express Based PCIe-SSD Solution

MILPITAS, Calif., Aug. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Mobiveil, a leading silicon intellectual property and platform solution provider, today announced the availability of all key IP components for an integrated NVM Express based Solid State Drive (SSD) solution. SSD fills the increasing gap in the price/performance of DRAM and hard drives. This New NVM Express Controller IP provides FPGA and SOC (system on chip) designers a proven solution to shorten their time to market.

At the center of its Integrated PCIe based flash controller solution, Mobiveil offers a highly configurable and feature rich NVM Express controller IP core (UNEX) compliant with NVMe specification version 1.1. UNEX controller is available with AXI interface for easy integration in to FPGAs and SoCs targeting high performance SSD solutions. Other IP components in the subsystem include highly configurable Silicon proven PCI Express Gen3 (GPEX), DDR4/3 and ONFI Controllers. To enable faster product development for its customers, Mobiveil with its overall IC and System expertise also offers a complete FPGA development platform with board support package and low level drivers to validate the solution against their user applications.

Ravi Thummarukudy, CEO of Mobiveil, said, “PCI Express based SSDs offer superior performance as they can be directly interfaced with the host processor. The PCIe based SSD approach helps overcome the performance and processing overheads and enables the use of standard drivers removing the hassles resulting from proprietary driver definitions that causes OEMs to spend unnecessary time in device qualification. With the software infrastructure for NVM embedded in the operating systems already, it offers a seamless integration into many products including servers and tablets.”

On Mobiveil’s integrated PCIe based SSD solution, he added, “With our IP and System level capabilities, we provide a one-stop-shop solution, where customers can leverage our configurable IP solutions catering to their exact performance needs in terms of power optimization, reduced latency, high throughput and low silicon footprint. Our Gen 3 PCIe controller enables our SSD solution to interoperate with host side implementations with support for up to 16 lanes.”

“Standard compliant IP will enable interoperability between products and increase the pace of adoption of NVM Express technology in the fast growing SSD market,” said Amber Huffman, chairperson for the NVM Express Workgroup and senior principal engineer, Intel Storage Technologies Group. “The NVM Express Workgroup is pleased that Mobiveil is announcing the availability of NVM Express IP that will help designers accelerate their product development.”

Mobiveil’s NVMe compliant UNEX controller supports host memory page sizes of up to 128MB, provides well defined and highly efficient command interface for local processors, provides configurability for a number of IO queues and associated depth, and supports all optional NVM Express administrative and I/O commands. It provides highly efficient DMA Engine for performance critical IO operations with support for both PRP and SGL based Host memory accesses.

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