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sAQM100 – Solar Air Quality Monitor i.MX6 based IoT Gateway Reference Board
sAQM100 – Solar Air Quality Monitor
Mobiveil’s sAQM100™ is an Air Quality Monitoring system to measure outdoor air quality and to provide real-time localized air quality index.It’s a robust Solar powered platform, with Long range communication interface (LoRA), cloud-based data processing, location based view, metrics of adjacencies, history of statistics, secure online access and options to integrate with variety of host and applications.
i.MX6 based IoT Gateway Reference Board
Mobiveil’s IOT gateway reference solution enables companies to seamlessly connect industrial infrastructure devices and secure data flow between devices and the cloud. With i.mx6 processor, it offers comprehensive security features include cryptographic accelerators, high-assurance boot and tamper protection. It is equipped with standard communication and wirelesss interfaces like WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee (optional) .