Mobiveil’s RAMDISK-Gen5™ is a PCIe Gen5 and 1.4 NVMe compliant Ramdisk that emulates the next generation NVMe Gen5 SSDs with high performance. With high performance hardware based on Xilinx’s Versal FPGA and with Third party’s configurable IPs Gen5 PCIe controller, 1.4 compliant NVMe controller(UNEXTM) and DDR4 controller(UMMCTM), it offers a perfect Ramdisk solution for performance benchmarking. Ramdisk – Gen5TM uses DDR4 as the storage and hence does not have any NAND flash specific performance limitation.

  • RoHS Compliance
  • CE/FCC to be certified
  • Ramdisk - Gen5TM platform
  • Software drivers
  • User guide
ramdisk gen5 block diagram
Interface specifications
• PCIe Gen5 x8 at the edge fingers(256 GT/s) • FMC Connector (8 transceivers, 58 GPIOs) • PCIe Gen5 x4 at the edge connector(128 GT/s)
Memory specifications
• 16GB of DDR4 SODIMM, 3200MT/s with ECC Support
Environmental specifications
• Operating temperature : 0 deg C to 55deg C • Storage temperature : -20deg C to 70deg C • Humidity : 10% to 90% non-condensing, Airflow 400LFM
Mechanical specifications
• PCIe add in card, full length, full height form factor 312mm x 111mm
Power specifications
• Typical power consumption : Less than 75W Support for Auxiliary Power feed
• Xilinx Versal Premium
• Mobiveil IPs (To be licensed separately) • NVMe Controller(UNEXTM) • DDR4 Controller(UMMCTM)
Standard compliance
• NVMe 1.4 • Standard Compliance PCIe Base specifications 5.0

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