Battery Management System
Battery Management System

Mobiveil’s Smart Battery Management System helps to monitor and improve the battery life of EV Vehicles and is also used for industrial applications. It is a full featured BMS with Intelligent Cell balancing with high balancing current and high accurate SOC estimation. Fault handling and protection features greatly extends the battery life cycle. Click here to check out the presentation.


Mobiveil’s smart battery management system extends the battery life of Lithium batteries for Energy storage and EV applications. Smart features in Mobiveil Smart BMS2.0 enable customers for easy system integration with standard communication interfaces and efficient algorithms for accurate measurements
  • Compatible with any battery that has cell voltage of 0V to 5V
  • Passive cell balancing current upto 150mA
  • SoC, SoH estimation
  • High voltage measurement, Current monitoring
  • Data and event acquisition (Log-book function)
  • Fault monitoring and management
  • Overcharge protection and Over current protection
  • Easy system integration with standard communication interfaces as CAN, UART
Battery Chemistry
• Any Battery (Cell voltage of 0V to 5V)
• State of Charge (SOC) & State of Health (SOH) Estimation, Weak cell tracking, Passive cell balancing
Monitoring parameters
• Cell/pack voltage, Current & Temperature
Supported communication
• CAN2.0 B isolated CAN bus for system integration, UART and Optional BLE (External)
Data logging
• Log book function with Micro SD Card.
Data Logging parameters
• Measurement information Cell/pack Voltage, Pack Current & Temperature, SoC Alarms – voltage, current, temperature Cycle info – depth of discharge, SoH, number of charge/discharge cycles
System Isolation
• Isolation withstands 2kV (VRMS)
System safety monitoring features
• Monitoring the faults Over/under current, Over/under voltage, Over/under temperature and managing the same with charge control, load control, temperature control,Hardware based short circuit protection.
Thermal management
• Fan control
Slave expansion
• Serial interface to daisy chain multiple BMS slaves to increase the system voltage
User Interface
• PC utility to provide device readings, statistics, logs, configure the device for fault thresholds
• Energy storage, 2 wheeler and 3 wheeler Automotive applications.
smart bms block diagram
Input Voltage
• 100V DC max
Cell voltage range
• 0-5V
High voltage measurement range
• 0-100V
Accuracy of high voltage measurement
• ±1%
Range of current measurement input
• 0-1000A
Accuracy of current measurement
• ±1%
Cell configuration (per slave board)
• Upto 28 cells
Balancing current per cell
• 150mA
Balancing Type
• Passive cell balancing
Cell voltage measurement accuracy
• ±0.8mV
Temperature sensors
• 6 (External NTC)
Range of temperature sensors
• -40°C to +125°C
Accuracy of temperature measurement
• ±0.5°C
Communication with master
• Serial Interface
• 160mm x 110mm x 25mm
• 0.15kg

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