CXL 2.0 - AGLX

sAQM100 – Solar Air Quality Monitor
sAQM100 – Solar Air Quality Monitor
Mobiveil’s sAQM100™ is an Air Quality Monitoring system to measure outdoor air quality and to provide real-time localized air quality index.It’s a robust Solar powered platform, with Long range communication interface (LoRA), cloud-based data processing, location based view, metrics of adjacencies, history of statistics, secure online access and options to integrate with variety of host and applications.


Mobiveil’s CXL 2.0 – AglxTM Accelerator platform is a PCIe Gen5 add-in card with latest Intel’s Agilex I series FPGA. It supports any third party’s latest high performance CXL Controller IP that is highly configurable for a number of High-Performance Applications, such as Accelerators, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Ideal platform to run CXL applications that maintains memory coherancy between devices, allowing resource sharing for higher performance
  • Suitable for emerging data processing applications in AI, media, image and language processing
  • Genomics
  • Video Processing / Transcoding
  • Financial Computing
  • Database Search and Analytics
  • Machine Learning Suite for Inference (Tensorflow, Caffe and MXNet)
  • Neural Network Inference for Image Classification
  • RoHS Compliance
  • PCIe Gen5 1.0 Compliance
  • CE/FCC to be certified
  • CXL-AglxTM reference platform
  • Software drivers
  • User guide
CXL-Aglx 2.0 block diagram
Interface specifications
• PCIe Gen5 x 16 at edge fingers • PCIe Gen5 x 8 at PCIe Edge Connector • Two PCIe Gen5 x 8 at CXL IO connector (CXL Host slot)
Memory specifications
• Supports upto 64GB of DDR4 memory for FPGA Logic and Processor subsystem
Environmental specifications
• Operating temperature : 0 deg C to 55deg C • Storage Temperature : -20deg C to +70deg C • Humidity : 10% to 90% non-condensing, Airflow 400LFM
Mechanical specifications
• PCIe Full length, Full height form factor 312mm x 111mm
Power specifications
• Typical power consumption : Less than 100W • Support for Auxiliary Power feed
• Intel Agilex I series
Standard compliance
• PCIe Base specifications 5.0 • CXL 1.1, CXL 2.0 (TBD)

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