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Mobiveil’s Universal NOR Flash Controller (U-NFC) is a highly flexible and configurable design targeted for IOT, automotive, medical and consumer applications. The U-NFC primarily does memory-mapped access to external NOR Flash memories. The controller IP features very high read performances with High bandwidth NOR flash memories. The IP can function as simple ‘SPI Flash Controller’ or , ‘Quad-SPI Flash Controller’ or ‘Octa-SPI Flash Controller’ or ‘Dual QSPI Controller’. The controller architecture is SoC friendly and supports multiple chip-selects.
AXI System Interface
  • AMBA AXI4/3 compliant slave interface for memory access
  • AMBA AXI4 Lite slave control interface
Universal NOR FLASH controller Features
  • SDR and DTR mode support.
  • Single, Dual, Quad and Octa mode of operation.
  • XiP support.
  • Wrap transfer support with supporting devices.
  • Continuous Burst transfer support.
  • Continuous wrap burst transfer support (Optional).
  • Auto boot support for Spansion and Macronix devices.
  • Boot in XIP supported for Micron N25Q Devices (Optional).
  • Upto 32 bit addressing mode.
  • 8 and 16 bit command support.
  • Supports all type of data transfers through programmable sequence.
Devices supported
  • Supports low power EcoXiP family of devices from ADESTO Technologies
  • Supports OCTA-SPI interface based flash devices from Macronix
  • Supports DDR Quad-SPI flash devices from SPANSION and MICRON
  • Supports Dual QUAD SPI Flash device from SPANSION
  • Limited or full support of DDR QUAD-SPI devices from other vendors
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