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Mobiveil’s Quad SPI Controller is a highly flexible design using different request/response schemes and full duplex mode(standard mode) based on SPI, targeting wide variety of peripheral slave devices like ADC and DAC converters, sensors like temperature sensors and pressure sensors, or devices like signal-mixer, LCD controller, UART, CAN controller, USB controller and amplifier…etc. Also it supports serial flash memory devices from vendors like Spansion, Winbond etc. This controller uses 32 bit processor interface AMBA APB to support highest level of programmability.
  • Configurable SPI modes:
    • Standard SPI mode
    • Dual SPI mode
    • Quad SPI mode
  • Standard/Dual/Quad SPI mode supports:
    • Single Master mode only
    • MSB first only
  • Supports programmable SPI clocking modes
  • Programmable interrupt on SPI-done
  • SPI Slave devices can be independently selected
  • Programmable Power-down mode for Master state machine
  • Programmable SCLK frequency derived from system clock Configurable Data FIFO depth
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