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Interface IP

PCIe Switch

Mobiveil’s Bridge and Switch IP solutions are very popular with customers connecting PCIe or SRIO IP’s to AMBA/AXI Bridge with in their SoCs. A full PCI Express Switch is also available for customer implementation targeting unique PCI solutions requiring PCIe transparent switching functionality.

Multiport Gen5 PCI Express Switch
Multiport Gen5 PCI Express Switch
Mobiveil PCI Express Switch solution (PCISIG certified) is a complete full functional PCI Express switch consisting of the switch core and the switch port controllers. It implements the entire switch functionality like packet routing, interrupt, configuration access, power management and error reporting functions. It provides fan-out capability and enables a series of connectors for add-in, high performance I/Os. PCIe switches allow limited north bridge resources to be distributed to multiple I/O end points and enable efficient use of available bandwidth.