Silicon Platforms



i.MX6 based Tablet design

i.MX6 is a new ARM based solution from Freescale targeting the growing Tablet market. i.MX6intends to build on top of the early successes its predecessor iMX5 had with the ebook market. Mobiveil’s i.MX6 design integrates mobility applications for the followings segments :

  • Multimedia dashboard in the automobile
  • Collaborative enterprise applications for Consumer/ Enterprise segments

P3041 Multi Core Processor based AMC modules

P3041 is a six core processor from Freescale and is intended for Wireless Infrastructure, Storage, Control Processor and Security Solutions. Standard form factor boards like AMC are widely popular for these segments. Mobiveil has developed a solution based on AMC form factor adopting a Coreipm based IPMI implementation for platform management function.

Additional industry specific applications and optimized BoM and custom form factor variants are available on request


QorIQ P5040 Based AMC

Mobiveil’s Advanced Mezanine Card solutions enables reliable and robust system designs. A numerous configurations and customization’s will help to choose the suitable product for your design. The heart of AMCP5040 is Qolrq series Freescale CPU, which provide an intensive computional power with its 2.2GHz* clock and high speed connectivity. Ethernet connectivity & UART at the front panel will enable you to download your program and help board bring-up.