Flash Storage


Mobiveil’s Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) is a highly flexible and configurable design targeted for consumer applications like digital cameras, mobile phones, tracking devices, tablet computers, gaming etc. The controller architecture is carefully tailored to achieve scalable performance through multiple data transfer modes, and low silicon footprint.
  • Compliant with AXI V1.0 Specification
  • Conforms to the SD Host Controller Standard Specification version 3.0
  • Compatible with the MMC System Specification version 4.5
  • Compatible with the SD Memory Card Physical Layer
    Specification version 3.01
  • Compatible with the SD – SDIO Card Specification version 3.0
  • Designed to work with SD Memory, SDIO, SD Combo, MMC, and their variants like mini, micro, embedded etc.
PCI Express

Case Studies


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